Get Ready for ‘The Fearless Road’ Podcast: Where Fear Becomes Your BFF on the Entrepreneurial Journey

Michael Devous, the guy with over 30 years of entertainment industry know-how, has been dishing out unforgettable stage performances and orchestrating some seriously impactful moments. But now, he’s taking all that experience and pouring it into something new: ‘The Fearless Road – The Entrepreneur’s Journey podcast, hitting your eardrums in the fall of 2023.

Now, buckle up for the crazy ride that’s been Michael’s life. He’s survived more obstacles, challenges, and tragedies than you can shake a stick at, and it’s made him one fearless mofo. And guess what? He’s itching to share all the epic lessons he’s picked up along the way with you. On ‘The Fearless Road,’ Michael will unleash his voice and platform to empower, uplift, and inspire you to conquer your own entrepreneurial dreams like a boss.

Join Michael and get ready to have your life turned upside down (in a good way, of course). This podcast is all about exploring the road to success and finding the courage to chase after your passions while being unapologetically yourself. Michael and his kickass team get that it takes a boatload of inner strength, bravery, and faith to follow your heart and make those dreams happen.

But hold up, there’s more! Michael isn’t just an entertainment industry legend-turned-podcaster. He’s got a whole speaking career where he spills the beans on “Making Fear Your Friend.” Yeah, you heard that right. He’s got some wicked insights on how to turn fear into your BFF and use it to your advantage. Now that’s the kind of advice that’ll have you slaying those entrepreneurial dragons with a grin on your face.

When he’s not rocking the mic or conquering the business world, you’ll find Michael reminiscing about his glory days studying Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas. Plus, he’s a card-carrying member of the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA). Impressive, right? But don’t let the fancy stuff fool ya. This dude knows how to kick back and enjoy life with his fam, including his trusty sidekick Jack, the ranch dog.

So, get pumped for the epicness that is Michael Devous on ‘The Fearless Road.’ This podcast isn’t just about success stories; it’s a wild, transformative journey where fear becomes your best buddy. Prepare to unleash your inner superhero, crush those entrepreneurial goals, and have a damn good time along the way. With Michael as your guide, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Let’s do this, fearless warriors!

Phaedra Chojnacki, AKA Phoodie Phae is a seasoned Food & Beverage professional and a passionate home chef. Her love for the culinary arts ignited at the tender age of four, as she eagerly cooked alongside her British mother. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Phaedra’s journey has encompassed event catering, grocery management, and large-scale restaurant operations.  


With everything from service to sales and chopping to consulting, she has done it all. Whether she’s exploring flavors in her kitchen or guiding others through a delightful food journey on her travels, Phaedra’s contagious passion for food shines through. Yearning to give back and share her insights, lessons, and fierce love for all things culinary; Phaedra is embarking on a new journey to bring the world closer to her heart and her kitchen! 


In joining The Fearless Road, Phaedra embraces the challenge of confronting her deepest fears while venturing into uncharted territory. Stepping into the role of podcast co-host and producer (alongside her brother, no less!), all while preparing for a long-distance move and launching a new business, may seem overwhelming even to the most audacious soul. Join Phaedra as she fearlessly dives headfirst into these endeavors, ready to share her journey with authenticity and vulnerability. She will courageously expose both the triumphant peaks and the challenging valleys, inviting listeners to come along for the ride as she navigates the Fearless Road.


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